The Baltic Fire Engine Company # 1 is seeking volunteers from our town who are interested in joining our volunteer fire department as a fire fighter and or ambulance technician.  Please feel free to stop in any Monday morning at 10:00 A.M. or evening at 7:oo P.M. to ask any questions and for a quick tour and to pick up an application.

Our department’s line officers are as follows;

Chief; George Allen

Assistant Chief; Thomas Girard

Dept. Assistant Chief; Kevin Roe

Captain; Fred Stone

Engine Lieutenant;  Marc Filiatrault

Ladder Lieutenant; Thomas Holowaty

Rescue Lieutenant; Corey Wignall

Safety Officer; Les Shull

Chief Engineer; Donald Ouilette

Company Secretary; Michael St. Germain

Assistant Secretary; Reginald Patchell

Treasurer; Tim Ricatta Sr.

Department photographers;

Timothy Ricatta Sr.

Reg Patchell

For our present line of fire trucks Baltic has the following;

1968 Kaiser Jeep Forestry Unit. Baltic Fire Department acquired the Jeep from the Town of Waterford, CT Civil Defense Department in 1989. Members of the Baltic Fire Department did most of the  work themselves using a book put out by the National Forestry Service for the many ideas that went into the construction of our present forestry truck. This project took three (3) years to make the forestry truck that would meet the needs of the Baltic Fire fighters. This truck was placed into service in Baltic in April, 1992.

In September 1991 Baltic’s new rescue truck, “Rescue 124” arrived from the manufacturer in Iowa. The rescue truck is a 1991 Marion Fire Apparatus, which has a 12,500-watt generator and a six-bottle cascade system, which allows fire fighters to refill air packs at the scene of a call. The rescue truck also carries ice rescue gear, medical equipment and also the equipment that we use at the scene of a motor vehicle accident such as air bags and the jaws of life. Our air bags can also be used at the many companies in town that utilize heavy press equipment in which a finger, hand or other body part may become lodged in. Our rescue truck is also used as a back up for medical calls if our ambulance is presently busy at another call.

In May 1988, Baltic Fire Department took the delivery of two E-One pumpers, which replaced a 1948 International and a 1958 Mack. The new pumpers were equipped with a 1,250 gallon per minute Hale pump, a 1,000-gallon water tank. This pumper carries an assortment of fire nozzles, connections for the many sizes of fire hose that we and our neighboring fire departments may use. We presently carry 1 ¾” hose, 2 ½” hose, as well as 5” hose. This pumper “ET324” is due to be replaced in 2009 with a Marion Tanker.

In 1997, Baltic Fire Department took delivery of an E-One freightliner pumper, “ET 224”. This pumper is equipped with a 1,000-gallon water tank and a Hale 1,500 GPM pump. This truck is one, which is also used at motor vehicle accidents as well as fire calls. This truck is a 4-door truck and was our first which allowed 5 fire fighters ( six if they are very skinny) to be seat-belted while sitting in an enclosed compartment.

Our newest pumper, “ET124” arrived in 2007 and this is a Marion 4 door pumper, which is equipped with a 1,000-gallon water tank and a 1,500 GPM Hale pump. This truck allows the fire fighters the room that they need to be seated and seat belted in while wearing all of the protective gear. The firefighters are also able to put on the SCBA breathing apparatus while being seated and riding to the call. Our two other pumpers also are equipped to allow this to be done but our newest pumper is designed to give to the room that is needed to do so efficiently. Our new pumper is computer equipped, has a back up camera, and is our first truck to be equipped with all LED Whelan emergency lights, which can help to save the batteries because it does not have the excessive amperage draw that the older lights tended to have. As with all of our pumpers, this one also carries 1 ¾”, 2 ½”, and 5” hose, a wide assortment of connections and nozzles, ladders and other gear that is needed. We also carry gas detectors, thermal imaging cameras and heat guns to let us know the temperature in various locations.

A few years ago, Baltic Fire Department replaced our 1968 Seagrave 100’ ladder truck with a 1986 Seagrave ladder truck, “Truck 1”. We purchased this 100’ ladder truck from the town of Levitt Town, New York. This truck carries an assortment of ground ladders, nozzles, connections, and equipment that is needed for ladder pipe operations. With the many businesses, churches, schools and the layout of some of the older sections of town, the ladder truck is a real necessity. In few years we will have to start the process of replacing our 100-foot ladder truck which just this year needed to have $8,000.00 in repairs to keep it is certifications that are in place for fire fighting. Back around 1867 in our department, we were operating with a 100′ ladder truck and here we are today in 2009 still operating with a 100′ ladder truck, just that our current one probably has a wee bit more horsepower and a hydraulic system that may operate a bit quicker then that of the 1860s.

On 2000, Baltic Fire Department took delivery of our new ambulance a Life Line Emergency Vehicles which is still our current ambulance, one that is on a Ford Chassis, equipped with a diesel engine. This ambulance was to be replaced every Ten years BUT do to many on going issues in town, we are still awaiting word on if this replacement will take place this year, which is now SIX YEARS past the replacement date. This emergency vehicle has become one of our most used vehicles and the upkeep for this ambulance is mounting with some parts becoming hard to locate BUT we continue to serve the residents of Baltic and any neighboring department that may need to call upon our services.

In 2007, we replaced one of our 1988 Ford E-One Pumpers with a new Marion pumper, ET124 which is listed above. In 2009 we replaced our other Ford E \-One Pumper with a Marion 3,000 gallon tanker. This tanker has a quick dump off of the rear, two portable tanks and a 1,500 gallons per minute pump  as well as a host of connecting hoses so that we can hook into our neighboring fire department’s vehicles at any mutual aid call. Since we placed the tanker into service it has proven to be a valuable asset not only to the town of Sprague BUT also to all of the surrounding towns who have  called upon us for a mutual aid tanker , tanker shuttle of water to fill the portable tanks at the scenes of many structure fires. Numerous members have taken the tanker class which was run by State Instructor Donald Ouillette.