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In 2017 the Baltic Fire Engine Company # 1 will celebrate our own birthday, we will be 150 years old!!  PLEASE watch this page and our facebook page for our anniversary dates which we will host our celebration of this event!! WE will have tables available for rent at our event, so if you have anything fire related that you would like to sell, show, etc please feel free to contact us once we start the postings of the dates, etc.

Baltic FD 150th anniv schedule of events


The men & women of the Baltic Fire Engine Company # 1 want to remind EVERYONE to PLEASE change ALL of the batteries in ALL of your smoke, fire and Carbon Monoxide detectors this weekend at the same time that you are changing your clocks. PLEASE take the time to perform this life saving safety issue, for us, for you, you’re family and all of your friends & loved ones. We would NOT want to lose anyone because they “just did not have the time” to perform this simple task, WE want to have everyone around for a LONG time to come.

Project Safe Halloween WOW– That time of year has snuck up on me once again and I am already way behind in my requests for donations. I am writing to you to ask for a donation for the Baltic Fire Department’s Annual Safe Halloween Program. Unfortunately, I have found out this year that we once again will have a decline in businesses that once were able to make donations for this program. I am hoping that we will at least be able to collect and purchase the same amount of candy that we did for last year’s event. I know that the economy is still not great but I also remember the smiles on the children’s faces as they participated in the costume parade to the fire house, and the “wow factor” that over whelms them when they see all of the candy that we will give away that evening. Along with the candy smile there is also that “WOW Factor” as they all look over the bikes and each others costumes. Then of course there are the smiles on the parent’s faces as they get some time to meet their neighbors or talk to an old friend whom you have not spoken to in a while because we are all so very busy running around to all of our appointments.

The Baltic Fire Department is a VOLUNTEER department and we are so pleased to be able to host this “Safe Halloween Program” for all of the children & parents of Sprague. The Safe Halloween Program was started in town so that we could offer a safe environment to Trick or Treat for all children and parents in town. We would offer a safe environment where the children (& sometimes the parents,) could safely show off their costumes, they could get their photos taken in costume and MOST of all the children (yea- and the parents also,) can get lots of candy and other prizes and all of this would be done in a safe environment.

We are in need of donations which will allow us to run this year’s Halloween Program. If you are making a monetary donation please do so with a check. Please make the check out as follows;, Baltic Fire Department, “Project Safe Halloween” or you can write Baltic Volunteer Fire Department on the line ” pay to the order of” and then in the “lower left corner memo area PLEASE write Safe Halloween, this way your donation will be deposited into the correct fund. If you would also like to make a donation of candy we ask that ALL of the candy still be in its sealed original wrapper and bag. We ask that you please write your name on the bag or a piece of masking tape which will then be taped to the bag. If you need the candy picked up at your home or business please feel free to contact me. If you would like to drop off the candy but find that no one is at the firehouse to accept it, then we ask that PLEASE bring the candy to the Town Clerk’s office at the Sprague Town Hall. This seemed to work out great for everyone as many families dropped off the bags of candy at the town hall last year and we want to thank everyone for that.

Since our first year, we have had a couple of local businesses really came through with donations, which allowed us to hold this program for the children of Sprague. Ken Fontaine from the AMGRAPH Corporation INC. was the major contributor last year and has been our NUMBER ONE Contributor since we started to host such a program at the Baltic Fire House. One other major sponsor was Connie & Al, owners of the GREAT Sharkys Pizza on High Street in Baltic. Since our first Safe Halloween Program in Sprague, Sharkys Pizza has donated ALL six (6) bicycles that are given away each year to the three different age groups for both boys & girls.

PLEASE take the time to respond back to our request for a donation. I am trying to use as little money as possible on paper and postage and use it instead on the candy for the children. In order for me to do this I am attempting to conduct just one mailing asking for the much needed donations. YOUR donations of money and or candy will allow the Baltic Volunteer Fire Fighters to run this Safe Halloween program, free of charge to all and using NO money from our fiscal budget. ALL of the candy, bikes, material, and backdrops have either been donated or purchased with money that was donated by businesses and residents of Sprague. All of the Baltic Fire Department members volunteer their time to clean the fire house, set up the tables; set up the back drops, etc, and then to clean up again after all of the candy has been passed out.

If you would also like to assist with this program, I am always looking for a group of people who can think up & run some Halloween games for the children to play as they wait for that time of night when the costume contest winners are named and the six bikes are given away to the winners of each age group. If you have any questions about our program or if you need a donation picked up, PLEASE e-mail me or give me a phone call. I hope to see everyone in costume for our annual costume parade and the Safe Halloween Program at the Baltic Fire Department.

I know that times are hard for many of us and that due to the HIGH price of gas / diesel fuel- just gassing up your vehicle now forces many to decide on what item we must do without at the store. I also know that this year will bring more children to our firehouse for our Safe Halloween Program and I hope that you may be able to make a donation for this event.

Last year we had a little over 1,300 children & adults attend BUT it seemed that the parade had fewer participants then previous years. It turned out that some went directly to the firehouse to get first in line without participating in the parade portion of the event. For the 2012 Halloween program, ONLY the children & parents who take part in the parade portion of this event will be allowed into the fire house first, IF you decided that you do not want to walk from the town hall up to the fire house you will be told to wait in line until all participants from the parade have made it through our doors. The parade portion of this event starts the costume judging so if you decide to skip the parade there is a good chance that you may not even be seen for the costume contest in which the bikes are given away for.

Every year brings more children attending our event which is great for all since that means that there is less of a chance of a accident since there are less children who may be wearing a dark costume or one that may infringe on the ability to see what is coming at them out on a street, all the while there seem to be more & more cars out & about. I must admit that I am always a bit nervous that no one will show up BUT once I see how many children and parents (all dressed in costumes) show up for the parade all I can do is smile. Hopefully we will once again be blessed with great weather for the costume parade but no matter what the weather turns out to be, we will still hold the Halloween Program in the firehouse. We hope to see you there. Of course the good weather does not stop me from worrying, there is always that big worry of “Did I purchase enough candy to give out to all who attend?” Please help my candy worries go away and send us a donation for our Safe Halloween Program, which in turn will allow us to purchase all of the candy that we use each year. Thank you so very much for your donation and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions pertaining to this year’s event.

Sincerely, Reg Patchell : Chairman Safe Halloween Program-
Baltic Fire Engine Company # 1
P.O. Box 314 Baltic, CT. 06330
Cell; 860-917-5064 Home; 860- 822-6228

If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail or call Reg at; OR Home # 860 822 6228, Cell# 860 917 5064 The men & women of the Baltic Fire Engine Company # 1 would like to say Thank you so very much for your support of our volunteer fire department throughout the years. Thanks to the generous donations of some local businesses and families, we have been able to host the Halloween Program and give out truck loads of candy and other Halloween items. While at our Halloween party you can have your fortune told, play games, meet your neighbors, and the party ends with the awarding of six (6) bikes, which are given away to six (6) youths in three different age groups for the boys & girls.

The following businesses have made it possible for the Baltic Fire Department to hold this great Halloween Party.
Ken Fontaine, owner of AMGRAPH Corporation INC. Of Baltic has been the number one sponsor of our Halloween event for three years in a row. If it were not for AMGRAPH’S generous donations we would have had a very hard time holding our party.

Connie & Al, owners of Sharky’s Pizza of Baltic has donated six bikes for the Halloween costume judging for the A LL of the event’s years.

Vinnie Malerba of Malerba’s Farm in Norwich has donated ALL of the pumpkins that we wanted for our event –every year!

In 2008, Walmart of Lisbon awarded a grant to the Baltic Fire Department, which allowed us to purchase many of the Halloween decorations, and other assorted items that were needed to hold a party such as ours

Along with these four large sponsors, there are many more businesses and families that have sent in money, which allows us to purchase close to $2,000.00 worth of candy each year. We were a bit nervous in 2008 because we had lost two companies who had made large donations our first year. Peter Paul Candy Company had been bought out and moved out of state, no longer making any donations and AMD Distributors had also been bought out and were no longer allowed to make any donations. Somehow, the people of Baltic must have heard about this because there were so many people stopping by at the firehouse with packages of candy and many more were calling us to arrange for someone to pick up the candy at their home that they were donating. The families and businesses of Baltic came through and helped the Baltic Fire Department with the much-needed donations, which in turn allowed us to hold the largest Halloween Party that we have ever held.

Our first party was in 2006 and we had around 125 children attend our party which was a great turn out we thought. In 2007, we had around 250 children attend our party. In 2008, we were very surprised by the large turnout. We were expecting to have around 300 children attend our party BUT instead we had 500 children attend the party who also had 215 parents in tow. WOW, we had to delay the announcement for the winners of the bikes since the judges had not seen all of the children in their costumes. We are so glad that the families in Baltic are making The Baltic Fire House the place to go too for the trick or treating. We run this Halloween party so that the children will not have to run around on the streets when it may be dark out, when the children’s vision may be hampered by the costume, and there may be a speeding car(s) or a driver of a car not paying attention to the roads or the children. We hold this party as a way for everyone to come to the firehouse, meet some of the members, ask any questions that you may have, see some of our equipment and most of all: as a way for the children to have fun in a safe setting where parents will not have to worry about any product that is being given to their children. We hope to see you again at the 2012 Halloween Party!!