Be advised that Main Street. Baltic will be completely closed between the Post Office and Town Hall as of midnight (6/24/18) tonight for approximately 2 months. Units are to proceed using the detours on Rte 138 or School Hill Rd. Traffic on High Street will stay one way.

The members of the Baltic Fire Engine Company # 1 want to remind ALL of the residents of Sprague & throughout the areas that it is that time of year again so PLEASE CHANGE ALL of the batteries in ALL smoke, fire and carbon monoxide detectors throughout your homes. If your home does not have any kind of smoke/fire detector, please feel free to contact this fire department and we may be able to assist you.
Please call 911 ONLY if you have any emergency, stay on the phone as long as possible and answer all of the questions that the dispatcher/ officer may ask you. There are reasons for the questions that the 911 operator/dispatcher is asking and the answers that you give which in turn assist all who respond to your call. Once everyone is out safely do NOT re enter the home or business, no matter what. Report to the first fire / police officer if everyone is out or if someone is missing, if missing- which room they were last known to be in. Please inform the firefighter of any people still believed to be inside of the home, any dangerous chemicals, gas products, etc that may be stored in the home, how much is there and in which room(s) of the home.

During any upcoming spring , summer storms, if your home or business does lose power  and if you are going to run a generator, PLEASE do NOT run that generator inside any part of your home/garage or business. ALL generators MUST be run OUTDOORS, approx 25’ (FEET) away from your dwelling, not under or near any window.   Please also make sure that your home does have a C/O detector if you will be operating a generator or any power equipment close to a home since the fumes can seep into the home through any open windows, cracks, etc.

PLEASE test your alarms and make sure that ALL children & adults in the home / business know what the alarm sounds like and know what to do in case any alarm sounds. PLEASE make sure that you have practiced an emergency exit from your place and have an arranged meeting location once you are out of the home. Make sure that everyone knows how and where to exit, how to get down from a second story  or higher window. Once out– discuss with everyone as to where all members of your household or business are to meet and do a roll call to make sure that everyone is out safely. If you have more than one floor, PLEASE make sure that you have at least one emergency escape ladder stored on the floor that you will need to escape from, under a bed or someplace that you can gain access to without any issues/problems in deploying that emergency ladder. PLEASE practice the opening of the window where the ladder will be placed and you can even practice deploying the ladder but do not endanger anyone with a practice climb unless you can do so in safety with assistance on all floors, etc in place.

Most important, Once you are out of a burning building- do NOT re enter that building for any reason!!Once the fire department is on scene you can tell them about what ever else may still be in the home, from a ring to a cat/dog, etc and let the FD know of the location if you happen to know it.

In the photo section you may notice that we recently had a very special dinner in honor of one of our members, Gerald Bastien, who has given the town so MANY Volunteer hours as we all celebrated that Gerry Bastien has served SIXTY (60) years with the Baltic Engine Fire Company # 1. Congratulations to Gerry for dedicating so many years to the Baltic Fire Department and to a town that he has loved lived in and raised his family in for so many years. Our Hats go off to Mr. Gerald Bastien for his loyal dedication, there are very FEW departments that have had a member serve so many years and we are all so very lucky that he chose Baltic as his home. Thank you so very much Gerry for your SIXTY years of service!!!!!!!!!!!
Unfortunately for the members of the Baltic Fire Department, Gerry Bastien passed away at the young age of 86 on March 7, 2011. We will all miss Gerry so very much but will also remember him fondly every time that we enter HIS kitchen at the firehouse.

The Baltic Volunteer Fire Department is very fortunate to say that we have several members who have close to FIFTY years of service with OUR fire department alone that is not counting the many years that many of our members have volunteered in prior fire departments. That being said and so soon after we were so pleased to help Gerry Bastien celebrates his SIXTY years of service, we found ourselves celebrating yet another milestone for another member of our own. Albert Grenier has recently celebrated FIFTY years of service to the Baltic Engine Company # 1 (Baltic Volunteer Fire Department.) On our photos page you will see some photographs that were taken at our firehouse as Al, his family & friends all celebrated his FIFTY (50) Years of service to the town of Sprague (Baltic.) Thank you so very much Al for your Fifty years of service!!

Baltic Fire Department’s Safe Halloween Program

We are in need of donations which will allow us to run this year’s Halloween Program. If you are making a monetary donation please do so with a check. Please make the check out as follows;, Baltic Fire Department, “Project Safe Halloween” or you can write Baltic Volunteer Fire Department on the line “For OR pay to the order of” and then in the “memo area or the “for “area in the lower left corner PLEASE write Safe Halloween, this way your donation will be deposited into the correct fund.

If you would also like to make a donation of candy we ask that ALL of the candy still be in its original wrapper and bag. We ask that you please write your name on the bag or a piece of masking tape which will than be taped to the bag. If you need the candy picked up at your home or business please feel free to contact me. If you would like to drop off the candy but find that no one is at the firehouse to accept it, then we ask that PLEASE bring the candy to the Town Clerk’s office at the Sprague Town Hall . This seemed to work out great for everyone as many families dropped off the bags of candy at the town hall last year and we want to thank everyone for that.

Project Safe Halloween

Baltic Fire Department

PO Box 314

Baltic, CT. 06330

Candy, Candy, Candy, Candy

Costume Parade & Costume Contest, Photos taken of the children in their costumes.

Where: The Baltic Fire House

When: Halloween, October 31

Time: Costume parade participants should all be lined up by the Sprague Town Hall for the 6:00 P.M. costume parade. The parade will be escorted by Baltic Engine Company # 1.

Activities: All of the children & their parents are invited to attend this year’s Safe Halloween Program

which is hosted by the Baltic Engine Company # 1, commonly known as the Baltic Volunteer

Fire Department.

A LOT of candy will once again be given out to all of the children & their parents who

call Baltic, Versailles & Hanover their home. A costume contest will be judged through out the

night by some volunteers who will remain anonymous. SIX (6) Bikes will be given away to

the contest winners, ALL Contest winners of the six Bikes MUST be a resident of

Sprague, ( Baltic, Versailles & Hanover .) The winners of the contest will be announced at 7:30

P.M. PLEASE make sure that you are in the fire house to hear the winners names as they

are called. Winners do not need to be present at the time of announcement, BUT MUST

be a Sprague resident.

ALL Children who attend the Safe Halloween Program MUST have AT LEAST ONE Parent or LEGAL Guardian PRESENT at ALL TIMES!!

Photos from last years event are still posted on our Facebook page as our web site which is: This year’s photos will also be posted on our web site. You can download the photos or print copies.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Baltic Fire Department at 822-6580, please leave a message is the tape machine picks up. You can also contact Reg Patchell at 917-5064 for any questions, problems or ideas concerning our event.

We look forward to seeing everyone, once again. Happy Trick or Treating at the Fire House!!
Our Safe Halloween Program has been a big hit in town with attendance of over 1250 people filling the fire house. The members of the Baltic Fire Engine Company # 1 wish to say THANK YOU to EVERYONE who made a contribution of money and or candy which in turn allowed this program to continue.
We would like to express our sincere thanks to a few businesses that made the event such a hit. AMGRAPH INC and it’s owner Ken Fontaine is and always has been the TOP Business in town who have made a large contribution each & every year making sure that we would be able to hold our event. Along with AMGRAPH we would also like to say THANK YOU to Connie & Al– the owners of SHARKYS PIZZA on High Street who has made a donation of six bikes along with the donation of a LOT of candy for every year that we have held this community program . Frito Lay of Dayville Ct. has once again made the donation of all of the chips for the children and the Malerba Farm, owned & operated by Vinnie Malerba has always donated at no cost, all of the pumpkins that we have used in all of our events.


Baltic Fire Engine Company # 1 is a volunteer fire department that also providing fire fighting services as well as Emergency Medical services for all of the residents of Sprague and our surrounding towns. The members of the Baltic Fire Department started to host the Safe Halloween Program six years ago as a way to allow ALL of the children in town a safe environment in which they could have a costume parade, trick or treat, see MANY friends and relatives, possibility of winning a bike in the costume contest and most of all, to allow the children (and yes- of course- the parents,) to Trick or Treat and gather a LOT of candy, all under one roof.

What we are in need of from everyone is either a monetary donation or candy that is still sealed in the original bag(s) with the donor’s name & address written on it. The money that is donated will allow us to go to the stores who have made contributions to us and purchase candy from them. This way we are supporting the stores who have made a donation for our program. If you are making a monetary donation PLEASE do so with a check. When you write the check PLEASE make the check out as follows; “Baltic Fire Department Safe Halloween” OR write it to the Baltic Fire Department and then in the lower left corner in the memo area PLEASE write “Safe Halloween”. This way the donation will be credited to the correct account.

We are offering a couple of drop off areas for any candy donations. You can drop off any sealed bag of candy at the Sprague Town Hall at the Town Clerk’s office OR on any Monday from 1000A.M. through 1200P.M. and also from 6:00 P.M. through 9:00P.M at the Baltic Fire Engine Company # 1, 22 Bushnell Hollow RD, Baltic, CT. PLEASE make sure that your name & address are written either with a marker on the bag or written on a piece of duct tape, etc and taped to the bag.

Our Safe Halloween Program is run entirely on the donations of our local businesses and families who are able to make a donation. Last year we did run out of candy but it was with the last person coming through the line, unfortunately we had purchased all of the candy that was possible to purchase with the funds that we had taken in so, if it seems that we have cut back on the candy distribution in anyway, it will be due to a lack of donations. Once again, last year’s count was OVER 1300 walking through our doors which are amazing considering that just seven years ago our FD had stopped giving out candy because no one was coming to our FD to Trick or Treat.

We would not be able to host our Safe Halloween Program if it were not for the donations that we receive and also from all of the hard work and MANY man hours that our volunteers put in to allow this program to run. If it were not for our volunteers we would never have gotten this event off of the ground and if it were not for the donations from our businesses and residents we would not be able to afford to attempt to host this event.

We would like to recognize a couple of the local businesses in town who, since our very first Safe Halloween Program, have made generous donations to make sure that all of the children in town can enjoy a Safe & Happy Halloween. The major contributor for the Safe Halloween program since our first year has always been Ken Fontaine from Amgraph Corporation.

Our second business in town who has given so much since our first year has been Al & Connie, owners of Sharkeys Pizza on High Street, Baltic. Every year Al & Connie have donated six (6) bikes which are given away to the winners of the costume contest and we want to say Thank You so very much for those donations. We would never have been able to afford the bikes and therefore would not have held a costume contest if it were not for Connie and Al’s insistence on the bike donations, so Thank You to AMGRAPH Inc. and also Sharkeys Pizza as well as ALL of the businesses and families who have made the Safe Halloween Program possible through your donations.

We are trying to cut back on postage and HOPE that we will only have to send out one mailing of this donation request for our Safe Halloween Program. PLEASE take the time to respond to this letter and request for a donation, if you need anything picked up at your home or business please contact Reg Patchell and he will make sure that someone stops by to pick up the donation.

For the past couple of years we have had several stores and local civic groups attend our event to assist with the candy distribution, running the Halloween Games, etc. A couple of them were the Lisbon Walmart, Lisbon Target and the Senior Citizens of Sprague. We would like to say thank you very much for your assistance in the past and we hope to see you again this year. If you happen to belong to a civic group and would like to become involved in our Safe Halloween Program please contact Reg Patchell. WE are always looking for someone to run/monitor the Halloween games, pumpkin painting, etc. If you happen to have any ideas for a game please let us know and you can always run the game that you recommend.

Each year seems to bring more children & parents for the Safe Halloween Program and we are so happy for this knowing that this will mean that instead of running door to door through the dark streets, in costumes that can interfere with vision, we are offering a safe alternative to the traditional Trick or Treat. It is very hard for us to anticipate the turn out that we may have on Halloween night and we do not have a crystal ball for the weather so if you happen to see anyone standing at the event, looking a bit panicked- that would be me as I try to figure out if we were able to purchase enough candy for all of the children. Please help some of my candy worries by mailing in your donation for the Safe Halloween Program, which in turn will allow us to purchase the candy and any other Halloween item that we are in need of. Thank you so very much for your support throughout the years , if you have any questions pertaining to this year’s Safe Halloween Program that is hosted by the Baltic fire Engine Company # 1 please feel free to contact me by e-mail or my cell phone.

This year’s program will start with a costume parade , starting at the Sprague Town Hall at 6:00 P.M. and marching up the road with a fire truck escort to the firehouse. This year we are making a change in the way that the crowds are entering the firehouse when the doors open. The people who are taking part in the costume parade will be allowed into the firehouse first, there will be NO cutting into a line if you have not taken part in the costume parade. Once all of the parade participants have entered the firehouse then and only then will anyone else who has been standing by the firehouse be allowed to enter for the start of the Safe Halloween Program We feel that this is only fair to those who have taken part in the whole event that we have planned out.


Reg Patchell

Chairman Safe Halloween Program for the Baltic Fire Engine Company # 1

PO Box 314

Baltic, CT. 06330

Cell# 860 917 5064