04 30 2012 foam dril

04 23 2012 Tanker Drill with Baltic, Franklin, Lebanon & Montville FDs

New lights for our asst chief’s vehicle 2012

Good Friday Steamers 2012

03 26 2012 Brush & trash container fire at the Sprague transfer station.

02 25 2012 Baltic Fire Department assists Colchester Hayward FD with a fund raiser for Don Lee III

Baltic VFD is having a Fish Fry, March 16, 2012 from 1700 hours through 2000 hours.

Ken Fontaine of AMGRAPH INC. enjoys some fun time at the Halloween event which his company has
been our # 1 sponsor of since we started the program here in Baltic.

Sharkys Pizza Major sponsors for our Halloween Program

01/18/2012 EMS/State Leg breakfast at the Baltic Fire House

12/15/2011 Turkeys given to the Senior Citizens of Sprague from the members of the Baltic Fire Engine
Company # 1.

12/11/2011 Santa Run through the Hanover , Versailles villages

12/07/2011 Mutual aid to Lisbon for a head on MVA

12/03/2011 Benefit dinner / fund raiser for Assistant Chief Tom Girard

11/28/2011 4 Town drill on Chimney Fires / ladder use

10/31/2011  Safe Halloween Program

10/26/2011 Baltic FD hands out FREE C/O – Smoke detectors to the Senior Citizens of Sprague

10/19/2011 Teacher receives Life Saving Award from the Baltic Fire Engine Company # 1

10/12/2011 Fire Safety at the schools in town as well as the Hanover Nursery School

10/08/2011 Fire Fighter’s Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Norwich, CT.

10/05/2011 New London County Fire Chief’s Dinner & Meeting at the Baltic Fire House

06 20 2011 pumping drill in Baltic Center

05 30 2011 Memorial Day Parade in Baltic

05 23 2011 mutual aid drill for large diameter hose & ladder use in Lebanon with area VFDs

04 25 2011 mutual aid rescue drill in Franklin with Baltic, Bozrah, Lebanon & Franklin participating

04 13 2011  mutual aid to Scotland for a fully involved house fire

EMT Wignall at mutual aid house fire in Scotland 04 13 2011

2010 Santa Run through Versailles & Noah’s Way areas

2010 Santa Run through the Hanover and & Scotland Rd

2010 Safe Halloween Costume Parade

2010 more Safe Halloween photos

Safe Halloween Program 2010

2010 Safe Halloween Program, loading up the pumpkins from Malerba’s Farm for the event

2010 Safe Halloween Program at the Baltic Fire House

Mutual Aid Tanker shuttle drill on Noah’s Way, Baltic,CT 08/30/2010

our new FD helmet with LED lighting 07/2010

Walk through in AMGRAPH Inc on 07/26/2010

Tanker shuttle drill in Norwich,CT on 06/17/2010

Senior Citizens getting Turkeys from Baltic VFD 2011

February 14, 2010 Valentines Day Pancake Breakfast

2010 Thank you to Sharkeys for all that they donate to the Safe Halloween Program(s)

2010 Baltic,CT. Memorial Day Parade

11/21/2009 annual banquet night

10/31/2009 Baltic Fire Dept’s Halloween Program

10/15/2009 Reg Patchell accepts a Donation 0f $250.00 for Project Safe Halloween from the Lisbon Walmart Store

FIFTY Years of service dinner for Albert Grenier

08/24/09 Drill with “Firematic Supply to show some stabilizing jacks that others are now using,

08/15/09 Baltic Fire & EMS Picnic at the Odedah Campgrounds, Bozrah, CT.

08/12/2009 2cnd. softball game against the Employees of the Lisbon Walmert Store

08/11/2009, Daytime photos of Baltic’s newest FD truck arrives at the station, a 3,000 gallon tanker

08/10/09 nightime photos of Baltic’s new 3,000 gallon tanker

07/25/2009 ( 1st. Set of ) Photos taken at the Taftville Fireman’s Muster

07/25/2009 Set TWO of photos taken at the Taftville Fireman’s Muster

7/25/2009 ( 3RD. Set of photos taken at the Taftville Fireman’s Muster

07/20/2009 Hydrant Drill on North Main Street, Baltic, CT.

07/08/09 softball game for charity, Baltic Fire Dept. VRS Lisbon Walmart Employees

May 25, 2009, Baltic’s Memorial Day Parade, some photos as seen from the driver’s seat of ET 324

Fire Fighter’s Prayer, presented to “Babe” Blanchette by Chieg Shelton, Coast Guard Academy 1956

Congradulations to John Boy, he did bite the dust!!

Samantha ( the wonder Boxer ) & Reg hard at work on the web site.

fire trucks

2008 Memorial Day Parade in Baltic, CT.

2008 Project Safe Halloween Program

2006 Safe Halloween Program, just some of the candy that is needed!!

2008 Santa Clause Run

2008 Baltic Fire Fighters practice at the Salem Smoke House

Baltic Fire Dept. Thanks Gerri Bastien for his 60 years of service

2008 Fire fighters picnic

Baltic FD Thanks Ken Fontaine & the AMGRAPH Inc for being the number donor for our Safe Halloween Program, 3 years in a row!!

Baltic FD thanks Malerba Farms of Norwich, CT. for all of the pumpkin donations for our Halloween Program

Lisbon Walmart Store presents the Baltic Fire Department with a grant check for the 2008 Project Safe Halloween Program

Baltic FD escorts Santa to the Sayles School 12 21 08

2008 Ladies Night / awards Night Banquet

Thank you to Sharkey’s Pizza

Thank you to the Lisbon Walmart Store

Thank you to Nik Blake & Caraustar Corporation, 2008 Project safe Halloween Program

Dedication of ET 124

Life Star, one of the fastest ways to get there along with the best of crews, Fly Safe!


04/25/2010 Baltic FD members training with Lisbon & Jewit City FD’s at the Auburn, Mass live burn tower

Rescue drill with Franklin & Lebanon VFDs

10/17,10/18/2009 Tanker Shuttle training class with MANY area departments

Pumping Drill

Fires and other calls

02/15/2012 1 car MVA Potash Hill RD

12/07/2011  Mutual Aid to Lisbon for 2 car head on MVA

10/26/2011 MV Accident Main Street Versailles

10/22/2011 Assist the East Haddam FD/PD/EMS with the search of a missing man

09/2011 medical call to the gulf course at the Mohegun Sun Grounds on Pautipaug Hill Rd,  Baltic, CT.

08/01/2011 Barn Fire in Hanover

07/15/2011 Mutual aid to Scotland for a Life Star Landing, motorcycle accident

04/20/2010 brush fire

11/09/2009 Mutual Aid to a structure fire in Scotland, CT.

11/07/2009 Extrication drill, using both “Jaws of Life”, rescue & pumper

02/26/2009 mutual aid to Canterbury for a structure fire

07/20/09 Motorcycle accident with injuries, Papermill Road, Baltic, CT.

The men of Old, from 1915 & on, Baltic’s bravest!!~

09/10/2003 House Fire on Lussier Heights, Baltic, CT.

03/15/07 Elm Street Fire Baltic, CT.

08/14/2008 HAZMAT call, Baltic, CT

Call at 85 Main Street Baltic,CT.

12/31/2008 mutual aid to Occum, CT.

01/17/2009 West Main Street MV Accident

Assist Occum at mobile home fire 12/31/2008

01/31/2009 motor vehicle accident Baltic-Hanover Rd, Baltic, CT

House Fire February 3, 2009

01/22/2009 Car Vrs. tree with injuries, Baltic-Hanover Rd, Baltic, CT.

house fire

02/03/2009 House Fire on High Street, Assited by Franklin & Occum Fire Comps.

01/30/2009  Mutual aid to Lebanon for a house fire

past house fires of Baltic 2001

2001 Past House fires of Baltic

01/11/2004 MV Accident

03/19/2005 Assignment with Occum FD

09/11/2006 Saw Mill Fire

02/12/2006 Cascades Papermill Fire

Past fire trucks of the Baltic FD

car fire 03/31/09

old photo of a house fire, unknown date

Hanover Mill Fire 02 22 1975